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Eco-Humanities Corner - July 2005

Desert Gardens: Waterless Lands and the Problems of Adaptation


"Introduction to Desert Gardens" by Libby Robin and Ian Donaldson

Desert Imaginings

"Gardens without fences? Landscape in Aboriginal Australia" by Bill Gammage

"Keeping aridity at bay: Acclimatisation and settler imagination in nineteenth-century Australia" by Paul Fox

"Radical Cactus: The Other Garden at the Getty Center" by Gail Feigenbaum

 "Jardin d'Essai,Algiers" by Charles Salas

"The Void, the Grid and the Garden" by William L. Fox

Adapting gardening to waterless lands

"An Emerald City ? Water and the Colonial Picturesque at the National Capital, 1901-1964" by Christopher Vernon

"Gardening at the ‘Edge': Judith Wright's desert garden, Mongarlowe, New South Wales" by Katie Holmes

"Decolonising Australian gardens: gardening and the ethics of place" by Val Plumwood

"Chinese market gardens in southern and western New South Wales" by Barry McGowan

"‘Like a good deed in a naughty world': gardens on the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia" by Andrea Gaynor

"The abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet what's-his-name" by Harriet Edquist

"A Lunatic Garden" by Terri-ann White

Concluding Remarks

"Moving Colours" by Sverker Sörlin




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