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Contents June - August 2001

Editor: Elizabeth McMahon


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Target Essays

Adib Khan's essay, Following Janus' Footsteps, discusses the mutability and plurality of cosmopolitanism and the homeland of fiction writing.

In Manne's Generation: White Nation Responses to the Stolen Generation Report, Kay Schaffer considers the complexities of Robert Manne's In Denial: The Stolen Generations and the Right.

In Extract

The Limits of Manliness is the conclusion from Martin Crotty's recent publication Making the Australian Male: Middle-Class Masculinity 1870-1920, which examines ideals of Australian manliness.

Essays, Reviews and Responses

Anthony Burke's "Australia's Asian Crisis" takes a look at the ways notions of individual and national identity are currently deployed in Australian political rhetoric.

John Docker's Arabesques of the Cosmopolitan and International: Lucien Henry, Baroque Allegory and Islamophilia explores Henry's unusual and eclectic use of Australian iconography to resonate with spaces outside the constraints of nationalism in late nineteenth century Sydney.

In Adulterous liaisons: Jean Rhys, Stella Bowen and feminist reading, Sue Thomas explores the ways in which Drusilla Modjeska and other biographers of Rhys have depicted Jean Rhys, Stella Bowen, and depressive illness, and examines the racial assumptions and stereotypes which inform accounts of Rhys.

Ian Buchanan deploys a Zizekian lens on Big Brother and Reality TV in Enjoying 'Reality TV' .
Hard Currency has a look at: Meanjin, Overland, and Salt Publishing

The Stolen Generation
Professor Lowitja O'Donoghue responds to the Murdoch press coverage of her interview with journalist Andrew Bolt.

In good oil

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