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Issue 50, May 2011 swoosh


Unloved Others: Death of the Disregarded in the Time of Extinctions

PDF versions of all papers will be uploaded as soon as possible.


Deborah Bird Rose
Thom van Dooren

Guest Editors' Introduction | PDF | HTML

Anna Tsing

Arts of Inclusion, or, How to Love a Mushroom | PDF | HTML

Mick Smith

Dis(appearance): Earth, Ethics and Apparently (In)Significant Others | PDF | HTML

Thom van Dooren

Vultures and their People in India: Equity and Entanglement in a Time of Extinction

James Hatley

Blood Intimacies and Biodicy: Keeping Faith with Ticks | PDF | HTML

Kate Rigby

Getting a Taste for the Bogong Moth | PDF | HTML

Donna Haraway

Speculative Fabulations for Technoculture’s Generations: Taking Care of Unexpected Country | PDF | HTML

Deborah Bird Rose

Flying Fox: Kin, Keystone, Kontaminant | PDF | HTML

Matthew Chrulew

Managing Love and Death at the Zoo: The Biopolitics of Endangered Species Preservation | PDF | HTML

Freya Mathews

Planet Beehive | PDF | HTML



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