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Contents September - October 2001

Editor: Elizabeth McMahon


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Target Essays

In Public Intellectuals, Book Culture and Civil Society David Carter considers the recent preoccupation with the figure of the public intellectual in Australia and the rise of the 'middle-brow' readership;

and in Contagious Feelings: Pauline Hanson and the Epidemiology of Affect Anna Gibbs examines contagious distress operating in the career of Pauline Hanson.

Occasional Address

Intertwining Histories: Heritage and Diversity: in her recent address to the History Council of New South Wales, Ien Ang offers an analytical model for the analysis of Australian heritage based on the intertwining of diverse and divergent histories.

In Extract

Dennis Altman's Sex and Political Economy identifies interconnections in the economies of sex, sexuality and globalised modernity.

The introduction to Lisanne Gibson's The Uses of Art: Constructing Australian Identities maps the historical relationship between art, populations and government in Australia.


Guy Davidson's essay, Liberation, Commodity Culture and Community in "the Golden Age of Promiscuity", examines the literal choreography of gay identity in the bars and discos of 1970s America,

and Monique Rooney's Grave endings: the representation of passing deploys Kimberley Pearce's film Boy's Don't Cry to frame a more general consideration of gender/race passing narratives in American literature and film.

Reviews and Responses

Sara Knox reviews Joy Damousi's study of Australian women, war and grief: Living with the aftermath.

and Tim Rowse reviews Lisanne Gibson's The Uses of Art: Constructing Australian Identities.


Hard Currency has the latest from: the Chinese Australian Heritage Website, Jacket, and Overland.

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