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Issue 53, November 2012 swoosh

Monique Rooney and Russell Smith

Editors' Introduction



Anna Poletti and Simon Cooper


Intermittent Transparency: Findings from a Freedom of Information Request into the Excellence in Research for Australia Journal Ranking Process



Katherine Bode and Leigh Dale


‘Bullshit’? An Australian Perspective; or, What can an Organisational Change Impact Statement tell us about Higher Education in Australia?



Scott Brook


Creative Writing, Cultural Capital and the Labour Market



Special Section: Songlines vs Pipelines? Mining and Tourism in Remote Australia

Carsten Wergin and Stephen Muecke


Questions of Value: Tourism and the Resources Boom


Kerry Carrington, Russell Hogg, Alison McIntosh and John Scott


Crime Talk, FIFO workers and Cultural Conflict on the Mining Boom Frontier



Deborah Che


Pennsylvania Wilds or Timber Production and Oil and Gas Fields? Resource Extraction and Tourism Development in the Allegheny National Forest Region


Tess Lea


Ecologies of Development on Groote Eylandt


Eve Vincent


Hosts and Guests: Interpreting Rockhole Recovery Trips



Kathie Muir


Politics, Protest and Performativity: The Broome Community’s ‘No Gas on the Kimberley Coast’ Campaign



Timothy Neale


‘A Substantial Piece in Life’: Viabilities, Realities and Given Futures at the Wild Rivers Inquiries





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