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Contents Issue 39 - 40, September 2006

Editor: Elizabeth McMahon

Guest editors: Nicole Moore and Michelle Arrow


This special double-issue of Australian Humanities Review comprises three extensive components:

New Urgencies

Reviews: There are five new reviews in this section

Ecopoetics and the Ecological Humanities in Australia.


New Urgencies, edited by Nicole Moore and Michelle Arrow, presents four new essays that identify and engage with pressing questions in Australian culture and history. The essays originated in a one-day symposium on "New Urgencies in Australian Studies" in 2005, with contributions from Carole Ferrier, Victoria Haskins, Catherine Simpson and Michele Grossman.



Anne Galligan writes "Popular Fiction / Literary Fiction / Popular Fusions: a review of Ken Gelder's  Popular Fiction: The Logics and Practices of the Literary Field

David Carter's  Dispossession, Dreams and Diversity: Issues in Australian Studies is reviewed by Georgine Clarsen

In "Negotiating the Creative and the Critical" Peta Mitchell reviews Paul Dawson's Creative Writing and the New Humanities

Benjamin Miller reviews Maria Nugent's Botany Bay: Where Histories Meet

God's Willing Workers: Women and Religion in Australia by Anne O'Brien is reviewed by Jane Carey.


The Eco Humanities

This edition of Eco humanities, edited by Deborah Rose is titled Ecopoetics and the Ecological Humanities in Australia.


In good oil

Check out some new conferences. This section is being updated continually.

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