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Lucy Frost is the Professor of English at the University of Tasmania and a specialist in Australian literature, American literature, women's studies and feminist literary criticism.

Her first book, No Place for a Nervous Lady: Voices from the Australian Bush, (1984.) revised edition, UQP, 1995, has become an Australian classic. A Face in the Glass: the Journal and Life of Annie Baxter Dawbin, was published in 1992 and The Journal of Annie Baxter Dawbin 1858 --1868, a scholarly edition published by UQP in conjunction with the Australian Academy of the Humanities, was published in 1997.

Lucy Frost is also a creative writer and highly respected reviewer. Her book, Those Women who go to Hotels, (1997) is co-authored with Marion Halligan. Wilde Eve, her latest publication, is a condensed and edited novel based on Eve Langley's autobiographically based fiction that remained archived and unpublished.

Lucy Frost may be contacted by email.

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