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Cassandra Pybus is one of Australia's best known and most admired non-fiction writers. Her latest book, Raven Road, is an account of sub-arctic adventure and discovery in which travel and adventure mingle with history and autobiography. Her previous books include The Devil and James McAuley, which won the prestigious Adelaide Festival Award for Non-Fiction in 2000; and Till Apples Grow on an Orange Tree, a memoir, which was launched at the Adelaide Writers Festival in March 1998 to critical acclaim. Community of Thieves is an account of the last tribal Aborigines of Tasmania; and Gross Moral Turpitude is a controversial study of Australia's first sexual harassment case which won the Colin Roderick Award for the Best Australian Book in 1993. It was later re-issued in an expanded version as Seduction and Consent. White Rajah: a Dynastic Intrigue explores the exotic history of an English dynasty in the jungles of Borneo.

Cassandra Pybus is the editor of several books of essays and the founding editor of the electronic journal, Australian Humanities Review. Cassandra has a PhD in history from Sydney University and is an ARC Senior Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania. She also has a Fulbright Senior Scholars Award for 2001-2002.

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Praise for Cassandra Pybus' books:

"In this stylish, confronting and marvellously written biography, scarifying precision and measured compassion are held in delicate balance as Cassandra Pybus relentlessly anatomises the demons that drove James McAuley through a lifetime of labyrinthine politics, art and nightmare."
Brian Matthews on The Devil and James McAuley

"A most beguiling book," Marion Halligan on Till Apples Grow On An Orange Tree

"A spellbinding literary and historical work," Wayne Grady in the Toronto Globe and Mail on White Rajah

"You finish reading Cassandra Pybus's White Rajah, with the satisfied feeling of having viewed a fine BBC drama series one of those enthralling Victorian and Edwardian sagas that the top end of television still does best...it has a brave and wonderful sweep that is more than historic -- it is sensual, sensitive and humane."
Robert Drewe in Australian Book Review

" ...a fine example of why history is relevant and, indeed, essential for the moral evolution of civilization,"
Adib Khan on White Rajah in The Melbourne Age

"Without eschewing proper historical and scholarly procedures, it is history as narrative...of a kind we tend to associate with fiction,"
Helen Daniel on Gross Moral Turpitudein The Age

"...meticulously researched and written with verve,"
Helen Garner on Gross Moral Turpitude in The Times Literary Supplement


Cassandra Pybus is represented in North America by Bella Pomer Agency and in the UK by Carol Blake of Blake Friedman.
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