The Orr Case was Australia's cause celebre of the 1950s and 1960s. Did Professor Sydney Sparkes Orr seduce his eighteen-year-old student as she claimed or was he framed by a sinister cabal who disliked his politics as he and his supporters insisted? Was this a case of sexual exploitation or an example of McCarthyism down under?

For many people Orr is the antipodean Dreyfus -- an innocent victim of intellectual repression and political intrigue:

Cassandra Pybus has examined the evidence, including previously unseen documents, and presents a complex and fascinating picture of the professor whose name has become a watchword for intellectual freedom.

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Gross Moral Turpitude:The Orr Case Reconsidered
William Heinemann,
rrp $A19.95
ISBN 0 85561 457 9

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