This enthralling saga of conflict and betrayal among the famous White Rajahs of Sarawak explores the exotic history of the Brooke family and the English dynasty they established in the tropical jungles of Borneo.

Combining the flair of the novelist with meticulous research, prizewinning historian Cassandra Pybus has pieced together the hidden story of the White Rajahs to create three spellbinding narratives, told in intimate and compelling voices:

Charlie -- the nephew of James Brooke, the first Rajah, who lived for twenty years in the jungle interior as the warrior chief of the head-hunting dyaks, before unexpectedly becoming the second Rajah.

Ghita -- the young cousin Rajah Charles married for her money and whose experience as the lonely and ignored Ranee of Sarawak was one of anguish and betrayal.

Esca -- the eldest son of Rajah Charles by an earlier Malay marriage, taken away from Sarawak at the age of five to spend his life, bitter and unacknowledged, in Canada.


White Rajah: a Dynastic Intrigue
University of Queensland Press, $A17.95
IBSN 0-7022-2857-5

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