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Aitken, Adam

A Review of Michael Dransfield's Livesby Patricia Dobrez

Aldrich, Robert

In "Fantasy Families and Australian Goodness" Robert Aldrich reviewsGauche Intruder: Freud, Lacan and the White Australian Fantasy by Jennifer Rutherford, and From Diggers to Drag Queens: Configurations of Australian National Identity, by Fiona Nicoll

Ahmadi, Amir

A review of Michael Dummet's On Immigration and Refugees and 'Race' Panic and the Memory of Migration, edited by Meaghan Morris and Brett de Bary.

Allen, Jim

"The Forced Repatriation of Archaeological Materials" written with Tim Murray

Altman, Dennis

"On Global Queering"

Altman, Dennis

"Sex and Political Economy"

Anderson, Don

"Teachers, Intellectuals, Politics"

Anderson, Kay

"Improvement In The Inland: Culture And Nature In The Australian Rangelands" written with Nicholas Gill

Ang, Ien

"Intertwining Histories: Heritage and Diversity"

Attwood, Bain

"The Past as Future"


Baird, Barbara

A review of Living Out Loud: A History of Gay and Lesbian Activism by Graham Willett

An extract from: Who Was That Woman?: The Australian Women's Weekly in the Postwar Years with Susan Sheridan, Kate Borrett and Lyndall Ryan

Ball, Martin

A review of Sacred places: war memorials in the Australian landscape by Ken Inglis

Ball, Martin

"Cultural Values and Cultural Death in The Lord of the Rings"

Barcan, Ruth

"The Body of the (Humanities) Academic"

Bateson, Mary Catherine

"Comments on Deborah Rose and Katja Neves-Graca"

Batty, Philip

"Dot-spangled banner"

Bedggood, Daniel

"Regarding Islands" a review of Rod Edmond and Vanessa Smith (eds.) Islands in History and Representation.

Berry, Chris

"Queer Film in East Asia"

Beudel, Saskia "Kim Mahood's Evolving Geographies": a review of Kim Mahood, Craft for a Dry Lake, 2000 and other writing

Bird, Carmel

"An extract from Carmel Bird's introduction to: The Stolen Children - Their Stories"

"Fresh Blood, Old Wounds"

Boyle, Peter

"Travelling in a caravan"
Bonyhady, Tim

"Papunya Stories"

"An extract from The Colonial Earth"

"The Cross of Erosion"

Borrett, Kate An extract from: Who Was That Woman?: The Australian Women's Weekly in the Postwar Years with Susan Sheridan, Barbara Baird, and Lyndall Ryan

Brabazon, Tara

"Making it big: bitch politics and writing in public"

"Australian Feminism and Cultural Critique, circa 2002"

Bramwell, Murray


Breen, Marcus

"Woof, Woof: The real bite in reservoir Dogs"

Bremer, Anette

A review of The Cruise Of The Janet Nichol Among The South Sea Islands: A Diary by Mrs Robert Louis Stevenson edited by Roslyn Jolly

Brennan, Bernadette

A comparison of two pieces of Australian theatre: Michelle Arrow’s Upstaged: Australian women dramatists in the limelight at last, and Julian Meyrick’s See How It Runs: Nimrod and the New Wave.

Brewster, Anne

"Aboriginal life writing and globalisation: Doris Pilkington's Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence"

"Writing whiteness: the personal turn"

"Introduction to Approaching Whiteness" with Fiona Probyn-Rapsey

Broderick, Damien

"Reader! Reader!"

Buchanan, Ian

"War in the age of intelligent machines and unintelligent government"

"Deleuze and Pop Music"

"Enjoying 'Reality TV'"

"Misrecognition in Titanic"

"Two or Three Things Australians Don't Seem to Want to Know About 'Asylum Seekers' ..."

"Renovating Reality TV"

"Deleuze and the Internet"

Bullock, Marita

A review of 'The Devil’s Rope: A Cultural History of Barbed Wire' by Alan Krell

Burke, Anthony

"Australia's Asian Crisis"

Burvill, Tom

A review of Culture in Australia? Policies, Publics, and Programs, edited by Tony Bennett and David Carter

Bye, Susan

Who was that Woman?: The Australian Women's Weekly in the Postwar Years.

Byrne, Dennis

"Traces of '65: sites and memories of the post-coup killings in Bali"


Campbell, Ian

"'Yellow-haired September': a reflection on the national floral emblem in AJ Campbell's Golden Wattle"

Carey, Jane A review of God's Willing Workers: Women and Religion in Australia by Anne O'Brien

Carter, David

A review of Sherman Young, The Book is Dead (Long Live the Book)

A review of McKenzie Wark's The Virtual Republic: Australia's Culture Wars of the 1990s

"Public Intellectuals, Book Culture and Civil Society"

Carter, Paul

"Friday's Other Foot"

Carton, Adrian

"Australasian Interactions: Contested Geographies of 'White Australia'" : a review of Facing Asia: A History of the Colombo Plan by Daniel Oakman and Navigating Boundaries: The Asian Diaspora in Torres Strait, edited by Anna Shnukal, Guy Ramsay and Yuriko Nagata.

Castro, Brian

"Dangerous Dancing: Autobiography and Disinheritance"

Castro, Brian

"Writing Asia"

Choo, Christine

A review of Split Lives: Croatian-Australian Stories, edited by Val Colic-Peisker.

Clarsen, Georgine

"Still Moving: Bush Mechanics in the Central Desert"

A review of David Carter's Dispossession, Dreams and Diversity: Issues in Australian Studies

Clendinnen, Inga

"Fellow Sufferers: History and Imagination"

Connell, Raewyn

Extracts from Southern Theory: The global dynamics of knowledge in social science

Connell, R.W.

"Politics of Changing Men"

Conway-Herron, Janie

"Walking Manhattan: Mapping the Heart"

Cooke, Stuart "Remembering Romanticism, Negating Negativity: on Kate Rigby's Ecopoetics": a review of Kate Rigby, Topographies of the Sacred, 2004.
Cronin, MTC "Whatever Becomes Itself"
"Trio: The Law of the Minimum, The Corporation and the Parrot, The Question of Obi Obi Creek"

Crotty, Martin

"The Limits of Manliness"

Crowle, Christine

"'Deviant Desire': Gender Politics and the Cultural Metaphorphosis of George/Christine Jorgenson"

Currie, Gregory

"The Moral Psychology of Fiction"

Curthoys, Ann

A review of 'Worlding Women: A Feminist International Politics' by Jan Jindy Pettman

Curthoys, Ned

"Future Directions for Rhetoric - Invention and Ethos in Public Critique" is a response to Ivor Indyk's "The Critic and the Public Culture: for example, Walter Benjamin"


Damousi, Joy

"Disrupting the Boundaries: Resistance and Convict Women"

Daniel, Helen

"An interview with David Malouf"

Daniel, Helen

"Mavericks and Chameleons"

Danta, Chris

A review of Andrew Benjamin's Disclosing Spaces: On Painting

Davidson, Guy

A review of James Donald's Imagining the Modern City

"Liberation, Commodity Culture and Community in 'the Golden Age of Promiscuity'"

Davidson, Jim and Peter Spearritt

Tourism, Postmodernism and Australia is an excerpt from Holiday Business: Tourism in Australia Since 1870

Davison, Aidan

"Australian Suburban Imaginaries of Nature: Towards a prospective history"

de Heer, Rolf "Personal Reflections on Whiteness and Three Film Projects"

Demidenko, Helen

"The Demidenko Affair"

Dening, Greg

"History's Theatre"

Dessaix, Robert

"Russia: the End of an Affair"

Deutscher, Penelope

A review of Vicki Kirby's Telling Flesh

Docker, John

"A transcript of the launch of The Devil and James McAuleyby Cassandra Pybus"

"Arabesques of the Cosmopolitan and International: Lucien Henry, Baroque Allegory and Islamophilia"


Drayson, Nick "What Bird Was That?"

During, Simon

"Teaching Culture"


Edgar, Stephen "Heron"

Edquist, Harriet

"The abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet what's-his-name"

Eggins, Suzanne

"Making 'Australia' through Words" a review of The Default Country: a lexical cartography of twentieth-century Australia by JM Arthur.

Feigenbaum, Gail

"Radical Cactus: The Other Garden at the Getty Center"

Ferrier, Carole

"So What Is To Be Done About the Family?"

Fijin, Natasha on Adrian Franklin, Animal Nation, 2006
on Graham Harvey, Animism: Respecting the Living World, 2006

Fink, Hannah

"Cracking Up"

Finkelstein, Joanne

"Chic Theory"

Fish, Stanley

(interviewed by Peter Lowe & Annemarie Jonson) on his contention that: "There is no such thing as free speech"

Fox, Paul

"Keeping aridity at bay: Acclimatisation and settler imagination in nineteenth-century Australia"

Fox, William L.

"The Void, the Grid and the Garden"

Freiberg, Freda

A review of Judith Berman's Holocaust Remembrance in Australian Jewish Communities, 1945-2000

Frost, Lucy

"Fear of Passing"

Frow, John

"Australian Cultural Studies: Theory, Story, History"

"A Politics of Stolen Time"

"In the Penal Colony"

"Recovering Memory"

"UnAustralia: Strangeness and Value"

Fuller, Gillian

"Not Beyond Criticism: a review of McKenzie Wark's celebrities, culture and cyberspace"

Galligan, Anne "Popular Fiction / Literary Fiction / Popular Fusions: a review of Ken Gelder's  Popular Fiction: The Logics and Practices of the Literary Field"

Gammage, Bill

"Gardens without fences? Landscape in Aboriginal Australia"

Gandhi, Leela

"Indo-Anglian Fiction: Writing India, Elite Aesthetics, and the Rise of the 'Stephanian' Novel"

Gaynor, Andrea

"Like a good deed in a naughty world': gardens on the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia"

"His own vine and fig tree"

Gelder, Ken (and Jane M. Jacobs)

"Promiscuous Sacred Sites: Reflections on Secrecy and Scepticism in the Hindmarsh Island Affair"

Gelder, Ken

"Notes on the Research Future of Australian Literary Studies"

"Reading Stephen Muecke's Ancient and Modern: Time, Culture, and Indigenous Philosophy"

"The Imaginary Eco-(Pre-)Historian: Peter Read's Belongingas a Postcolonial 'Symptom'"

Gibbs, Anna

"Contagious Feelings: Pauline Hanson and the Epidemiology of Affect"

Giblett, Rod

An excerpt from Living With The Earth: Mastery To Mutuality.

Gibson, Lisanne

"Governing Art and Identity"

Giles, Fiona

A review of bodyjamming, a collection of essays edited by Jenna Mead

"Milkbrain: Writing the Cognitive Body"

Gill, Nicholas

"Improvement In The Inland: Culture And Nature In The Australian Rangelands" written with Kay Anderson

Gillen, Paul

A review of The Ways of the Bushwalker by Melissa Harper

Glass, Arthur

A Review of Postcolonial Liberalism by Duncan Ivison.

Goldsworthy, Kerryn

"Austen and Authenticity"

"Needing His Signature"

Goodall, Heather "Water Literatures": a review of Amita Bavaskar (ed) Waterscapes, 2007.

Goot, Murray

"Public Opinion and the Democratic Deficit: Australia and the War Against Iraq"

Greenwell, Lisa

"Re-membering and taking up an ethics of listening: a response to loss and the maternal in 'the stolen children'" written with Brigitta Olubas

Grieves, Vicki An Interview with Adam Hill "A Sign of the Crimes: Adam Hill political artist, visionary and critic of Australian whiteness"

Griffiths, Tom

"Ecology and Empire: Towards an Australian history of the world"

"Tom Griffiths tells an Australian Morality Tale: a response to the Wik decision"

"Travelling in Deep Time:La Longue Duréein Australian History"

"The Humanities and an Environmentally Sustainable Australia"

Grossman, Michele

"One man's history is another woman's lie"

"When they write what we read: Unsettling Indigenous Australian life-writing"

Groves, Colin

Colin Groves analyses how the social sciences are currently deployed in racist arguments around indigenous sovereignty and land rights.

Gunther, Stephen

"My Transsexual Father"

Halligan, Marion

"That's my story and i'm sticking to it: truth in fiction, lies in fact"


"Suburban Oblique"

"Live Burial": a review of Andrew Riemer's Sandstone Gothic: Confessions of an Accidental Academic

Hamilton, Grant

"Reading the Other" a review of Derek Attridge's study of J.M. Coetzee and the Ethics of Reading: Literature in the Event

Harries-Jones, Peter

"Gregory Bateson and Ecological Aesthetics: An Introduction"

Harris, Tony

A review of Jenny Hocking and Colleen Lewis (eds), It's Time Again: Whitlam and Modern Labor.

Haskins, Victoria "Beyond Complicity: Questions and issues for white women in Aboriginal history"

Hawkins, Gay

"Documentary Affect: Filming Rubbish"

"Shit in Public"

Healy, Chris

"In the Beginning was Captain Cook"

Heiss, Anita

A review of Sister Girl, the writings of Aboriginal activist and historian Jackie Huggins

Henderson, Ian

"The Ethics Of Fellowship in Two Antipodean War Films: Gallipoli (1981) And The Lord Of The Rings (2001-2003)"

Hewitt, Helen

A comparative review of Ford Madox Ford and the Regiment of Women by Joseph Wiesenfarth and 'Conversation Piece' in Stravinsky's Lunch by Drusilla Modjeska.

Hill, Barry

"New Travels through the Landscape"

Holland, Alison

A review of Bain Attwood & S.G. Foster (eds), Frontier Conflict. The Australian Experience and Bain Attwood, Rights for Aborigines

Hollway, Wendy

A review of Neural Geographies: Feminism and the Microstructure of Cognition by Elizabeth Wilson

Holmes, Katie

"Gardening at the Edge: Judith Wright's desert garden, Mongarlowe, New South Wales"

Hughes D'aeth, Tony

"Which Rabbit-Proof Fence? Empathy, Assimilation, Hollywood"

Humphery, Kim A review of The Ethics of Waste: How We Relate to Rubbish by Gay Hawkins

Hunter, Ian

"Is English an Emancipatory Discipline?"

Hunter, Rosemary

"Aboriginal Histories, Australian Histories, and the Law"

Indyk, Ivor

"The Critic and the Public Culture: for example, Walter Benjamin"

Inglis, Ken

A review of Tom Griffiths's, Hunters and Collectors: The Antiquarian Imagination in Australia

Jackson, Peter

"A Persistence of Gender: From Ancient Indian Pandakas to Modern Thai Gay-quings"

Jane M. Jacobs (and Ken Gelder)

"Promiscuous Sacred Sites: Reflections on Secrecy and Scepticism in the Hindmarsh Island Affair"

Jagose, Annamarie

"Queer Theory"

Johanson, Graeme

"The Virtual Library and the Humanities: a report" written with Don Schauder and Edward Lim

Johnston, Dorothy

"Cyberspace and Canberra Crime Fiction"

Jolly, Margaret

"The South in Southern Theory : Antipodean Reflections on the Pacific"

Jones, Lainie

"Life Imitates Art: The Chronotope of the Twin Towers in Fact and Fiction"

Jonson, Annemarie

An interview with Stanley Fish in regard to his contention that: "There is no such thing as free speech" written with Peter Lowe

Jose, Nicholas

A review of David Malouf's The Conversations at Curlow Creek

Kampmark, Binoy

"Wars that never take place: Non-events, 9/11 and Wars on Terrorism "

Kent, Phillip

A Review of a review of Impossible Presence, surface and screen in the photogenic era,edited by Terry Smith

Khan, Adib

"In Janus' Footsteps"

Kidd, Ros

"Mission Girls and Loving Protection?" a review of Mission Girls: Aboriginal Women on Catholic Missions in the Kimberley, Western Australia, 1900-1950, by Christine Choo, and Loving Protection?: Australian Feminism and Aboriginal Women's Rights 1919-1939, by Fiona Paisley ".

Kiernan, Suzanne

"Animadversions: On the 'Cultural Olympics'"

Kiley, Dean

"Un-Queer Anti-Theory"

King, Michael

"Biography and Compassionate Truth: Writing a Life of Janet Frame"

Kirby, Vicky

"Reality Bytes": an extract from Telling Flesh

Knight, Stephen

"Crime Writing Australia"

Knight, Stephen

Stephen Knight reviews Andrew Riemer's Sandstone Gothic: Confessions of an Accidental Academic

Knox, Sara

Sara Knox reviews Living with the aftermath: trauma, nostalgia and grief in post-war Australiaby Joy Damousi

Konishi, Shino

"“Inhabited by a race of formidable giants”: French Explorers, Aborigines, and the Endurance of the Fantastic in the Great South Land , 1803"

Lake, Marilyn

A review of states of fantasy by Jacqueline Rose

Langton, Marcia

"How Aboriginal Religion Has Become an Administrable Subject"

Lenore, Miriel "mound spring"

Lilley, Kate

A review of Srinivas Aravamudan's Tropicopolitans: Colonialism and Agency, 1688-1804

Lilley, Merv

An excerpt from Bird Song Thunder and A Few Drops of Rain: Merv Lilley writing personally

Lim, Edward

"The Virtual Library and the Humanities: a report" written with Don Schauder and Graeme Johanson

Lindsey, Kiera

"Creative Cartographies"

Livett, Jennifer

"Odd Couples and Double Acts, or Strange but Not Always Queer: some male pairs and the modern/postmodern subject"

Livett, Kate

"Fetish Fantasies": a review of Amanda Fernbach's Fantasies of Fetishism.

"Thieves and Fascists: the Politics of Abjection in Radiohead's Hail to the Thief (The Gloaming)"

Lowe, Peter

An interview with Stanley Fish in regard to his contention that: "There is no such thing as free speech" written with Annemarie Jonson

Lovink, Geert

"After the Dotcom Crash: Recent Literature on Internet, Business and Society"

Lucas, Rebecca "Home Cooked Philosophising"

Lusty, Natalya

A review of What is Installation? An Anthology of Writings on Australian Installation", edited by Adam Geczy and Benjamin Genocchio.

McDonald, Roger

"Evolution of a Novel: Mr Darwin's Shooter"

McGillick, Paul


McGowan, Barry

"Chinese market gardens in southern and western New South Wales"

McInnes, David

A review of Robert Reynolds' From Camp to Queer: Remaking the Australian Homosexual and David Coad’s Gender Trouble Down Under: Australian Masculinities.

McLean, Ian

"Aboriginalism: White Aborigines and Australian Nationalism"

"Post colonial: return to sender"

A review of Nikos Papastergiadis (ed.), Complex Entanglements Art, Globalisation and Cultural Diifference.

McQueen, Humphrey

"Professions of Power"

Main, George

"Red Steers and White Death: fearing nature in rural Australia"

"Pinchgut Creek"

Malouf, David

"Epimetheus, or the Spirit of Reflection"

Maras, Steven

"Audio-visualising Derrida"

Mathews, Freya

"An Invitation to Ontopoetics: the Poetic Structure of Being"

"Letting the World Do the Doing"

Maxwell, Anne

A review of Speaking Truth to Power: Public Intellectuals Rethink New Zealand, edited by Laurence Simmons, and Edward Said: The Legacy of a Public Intellectual, edited by Ned Curthoys and Debjani Ganguly

Mead, Philip

"John Forbes 1950-1998"

Milfull, John

"Notes from Underground: of Moles, Metros and Messiahs"

A review of John F. Williams, German Anzacs and the First World War.

"Post-Colonial Boredom: The Myth Of Australian Sameness"
"Short Stories? Brecht, Adorno, Grass, and the Child's Eye View"
"In memoriam Federico Mancini: The Italians at UNSW"
Miller, Benjamin A review of Maria Nugent's Botany Bay: Where Histories Meet
Mitchell, Peta "Negotiating the Creative and the Critical" a review of Paul Dawson's Creative Writing and the New Humanities

Morris, Meaghan

"Sticks & Stones & Stereotypes"

Morrissey, Philip "Aboriginal Children"

Morris, Meaghan

"The truth is out there ..."

Muecke, Stephen

"Cultural Studies' Networking Strategies in the South"

"Experimental History?"

"What the cassowary does not need to know"
Muir, Cameron Cameron Muir on Manoa (Special Australian Issue, 2007)

Murphett, Julian

"September 11 has changed Literary Studies"

Murphie, Andrew

"The Enchantments of Cultural History"

Murray, Kevin

"Keys to the South"

Murray, Maree

A review of Domestic Service in Australia, by B. W. Higman


"The Forced Repatriation of Archaeological Materials" written with Jim Allen


Napier, John

"Of Jogis and mediators, musicologists and administrators: an elaborated field note"

Neves-Graça, Katja

"Chasing Whales with Bateson and Daniel"

Nicholls, Brendon

"Post-Apartheid Violence and the Institution of Literature"

Nolan, Marguerite

A review of Looking For Blackfellas' Point: An Australian History of Place by Mark McKenna.


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