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O'Gorman, Emily Emily O'Gorman on Libby Robin, How a Continent Created a Nation, 2007

Olubas, Brigitta

"Re-membering and taking up an ethics of listening: a response to loss and the maternal in 'the stolen children'" writtten with Lisa Greenwell

"Truth, writing and national belonging in Romulus, My Father"

Paisley, Fiona

"Race and Remembrance: Contesting Aboriginal Child Removal in the Inter-War Years"

Palmer, Chris

"Baz Luhrmann"s Romeo & Juliet: Kitsch and Tears"

Pearson, Noel

"The Concept of Native Title at Common Law"

Pierce, Peter

"White Warfare"

Petch, Simon

"Norman Mailer, Gary Gilmore, and the untold stories of the law"

Peters Little, Frances

"The Impossibility Of Pleasing Everybody: A Legitimate Role For White Filmmakers Making Black Films"

Philpott, Simon

A review of Death in Balibo, Lies in Canberra,by Desmond Ball and Hamish McDonald

Plumwood, Val

Val Plumwood, 1939-2008

"Shadow Places and the Politics of Dwelling"

"Decolonising Australian gardens: gardening and the ethics of place"

Val Plumwood on Deborah Rose, Reports from a Wild Country, 2005
"Human Exceptionalism and the Limits of Animals": a review of Raymond Gaita, The Philosopher"s Dog, 2005
Popowski, Tamara

A review of Psychosomatic: Feminism and the Neurological Body by Elizabeth Wilson

Porter, Dorothy

"It's too hard to write good – I"d rather write bad"

Potter, Emily

"Australia and the New Geographies of Climate Change" (with Paul Starr)

A review of Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica by Tom Griffiths

Ecological Crisis and Australian Literary Representation

"Rabbit-Proof Fence and the Commodification of Indigenous Experience" (with Kay Schaffer)

Probyn, Fiona

"The No Road Film: Trackers, Followers and Fanatics"

A review of Lynne Hume"s Ancestral Power: The Dreaming, Consciousness and Aboriginal Australia

A review Whitening Race edited by Aileen Moreton-Robinson

Probyn-Rapsey, Fiona "Introduction to Approaching Whiteness" with Anne Brewster
"Kin-fused Reconciliation: Bringing them Home, Bringing Us Home"
Pugliese, Joseph "White Historicide and the Returns of the Souths of the South"

Pybus, Cassandra

"Dogs in the Graveyard"


Race, Kane

"The Death of the Dance Party"

Rahbek, Ulla

"Revisiting Dot and the Kangaroo: Finding a Way in the Australian Bush"

Ravenscroft, Alison "Who is the white subject? reading, writing, whiteness"

Reynolds, Henry

"The Stolen Children -- Their Stories: an afterword"

"After Mabo, What About Sovereignty?"

Reynolds, Robert "The Demise of Sadness: Melancholia, Depression and Narcissism in Late Modernity"
"Post-Gay in the USA"

Rigby, Kate

Extracts from Topographies of the Sacred. The Poetics of Place in European Romanticism

"Writing After Nature"

Robin, Libby

"Defending the Little Desert"

"Paradox on the Queensland Frontier: Platypus, lungfish and other vagaries of nineteenth-century science"

Review of Andreas Roepstorff, Nils Bubandt and Kalevi Kull (eds) Imagining Nature: Practices of Cosmology and Identity

"Home and away: Australian sense of place"
"The Problematic Pastoral: Ecocriticism in Australia": a review of C. A. Cranston and Robert Zeller (eds.) The Littoral Zone, 2007.

Rockel, Angela

"Comforting Lot’s wife"

Rolls, Mitchell

"Why I Don't Want to be an 'Ethical' Researcher"

Rooney, Monique

"Grave endings: the representation of passing"

Responding to Jennifer Livett's: "Odd Couples and Double Acts, or Strange but Not Always Queer: some male pairs and the modern/postmodern subject"

A review of Helen Keane's What"s Wrong with Addiction? and Elizabeth Wurtzel"s More, Now, Again

Rose, Deborah Bird

"The Ecological Humanities in Action: An Invitation"

"Pattern, Connection, Desire: In honour of Gregory Bateson"

Deborah Rose on Fiona Magowan, Melodies of Mourning, 2007

Rowe, Noel

"'No one but I will know': Hal Porter"s Honesty"

Rowse, Tim

A review of Lisanne Gibson's: The uses of art: constructing Australian identities

Indigenous Autobiography in Australia and the United States

Rutherford, Jennifer

"Cutting Ordinary: An ABC True Story"

Ryan, Lyndall

A review of Marilyn Lake’s Faith Bandler, Gentle Activist

An extract from: Who Was That Woman?: The Australian Women's Weekly in the Postwar Years with Susan Sheridan, Barbara Baird and Kate Borrett

Ryckmans, Pierre

"Are Books Useless?"


Salas, Charles

"Jardin d"Essai,Algiers"

Saunders, Cheryl

"Blurring Distinctions"

Schaffer, Kay

"In Manne"s Generation: White Nation Responses to the Stolen Generation Report"

"Rabbit-Proof Fence and the Commodification of Indigenous Experience " written with Emily Potter

Schauder, Don

"The Virtual Library and the Humanities: a report" written with Graeme Johanson and Edward Lim

Seal, Graham

"The Outlaw Hero"

Sheridan, Susan


An extract from: Who Was That Woman?: The Australian Women's Weekly in the Postwar Years with Barbara Baird, Kate Borrett and Lyndall Ryan

A review of Richard Nile"s The Making of the Australian Literary Imagination

Sean Slavin reviews Contagion: epidemics, history and culture from smallpox to anthrax, edited by Alison Bashford and Claire Hooker

Simpson, Catherine "Beyond Glitter To Grief"
"Antipodean Automobility and Crash: Treachery, trespass, and the transformation of the open road"

Smith, Graeme

"Annie Proulx"s Musicology"

Smith, Richard

"Criticism Without Myth?"

Sörlin, Sverker

"Moving Colours"

Spearritt, Peter and Jim Davidson

"Tourism, Postmodernism and Australia is an excerpt from Holiday Business: Tourism in Australia Since 1870"

Spencer, Beth

"D-Cups, Groin-guards & Supermodels: Writing the body into history"

Spencer, Beth

"Those two little words"

Stanton, Sue

"Time for Truth: Speaking the Unspeakable – Genocide and Apartheid in the 'Lucky' Country"

Starr, Paul

"Australia and the New Geographies of Climate Change" (with Emily Potter)

Stephens, Julie

"Cultural outlaws, political organizers"

Stern, Lesley

"Emma in Los Angeles: Clueless as a remake of the book and the city"

Stern, Lesley


Stratton, Jon

"Man-made Women"


Tacey, David

"Remaking Men"

Taylor, Jean Gelman

A review of Indonesia's Struggle: Jemaah Islamiyah and the Soul of Islam by Greg Barton; and Beginning to Remember: The Past in the Indonesian Present, edited by Mary S. Zurbuchen.

Thomas, Sue

"Adulterous liaisons: Jean Rhys, Stella Bowen and feminist reading"

Threadgold, Terry

"Cultural Studies, Feminist Values"

Tredinnick, Mark

"From the Heart: a review of Heartland: The Regeneration of Rural Place by George Main"

"On Nature Writing"


van Dooren, Thom "Sheep Futures": a review of Sarah Franklin Dolly Mixtures: The Remaking of Genealogy, 2007.

Veracini, Lorenzo

"Genocide and Colonialism"

Vernon, Christopher

"An Emerald City ? Water and the Colonial Picturesque at the National Capital, 1901-1964"


Wark, McKenzie

"Cyberspace and the Virtual Public"

Watson, Virginia "Ways of Thinking and Ways of Being: Communicating Culture in an Aboriginal Community" a review of Shimmering Screens: Making Media in an Aboriginal Community by Jennifer Deger

Waterhouse, Richard

A review of Dance Hall and Picture Palace; Sydney's Romance With Modernity by Jill Julius Matthews

Webby, Elizabeth

A review of Writing Woman, Writing Place:Contemporary Australian and South African Fiction by Sue Kossew

White, Terri-ann

"A Lunatic Garden"

Whitlock, Gillian

A Review of Shameful Autobiographies: Shame in Contemporary Australian Autobiographies and Cultureby Rosamund Dalziell

Whitlock, Gillian

"Leaving 'ME'"

Williams, Christine "Albert Namatjira: the rich heritage of our desert earth painter"

Wilson, Elizabeth

"Fossilised Homosexuals": a review of Jim McKnight's Straight Science? Homosexuality, Evolution and Adaptation

Wilson, Elizabeth

"Post-dated", a review of Freud 2000, edited by Anthony Elliot.

Wright, Alexis

"Breaking Taboos"




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