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Featuring Meanjin, Overland and Salt Publishing

Meanjin #1/2001

Under Construction

We dream. Like posters over the wallpaper in rented houses, like gestures of kindness in the Centrelink office. We have reconstructed our cities …
    Barbara Brooks

Cities remembered, reconstructed, reimagined are traversed in this Meanjin. Subhash Jaireth returns to a Delhi navigated with memories, maps and poetry. Chi Vu encounters competing stories, competing identities, in contemporary Hanoi. Nikki Gemmell unravels a tale of thirst and desire in the chaotic, dusty streets of Marrakesh.

Australias cities are revealed through the eyes of immigrants alert to colonial substrates of settlement, expansion and rebuilding; in the words of writers and architects who have found inspiration in their iconic structures; and in the analysis of historians and social theorists acknowledging Indigenous pasts and debating urban futures.

Also featured in this issue, Les Murray interviewed by John Kinsella.

Sadly this edition of Meanjinis the last to be edited by Stephanie Holt.

For the latest, see Overland
overland 163: Historical claims discredited in literary showdown

In an unprecedented move, overland has published a 12,000-word essay discrediting
erroneous claims by Quadrant about the massacres of Australian Aborigines. Published in book form and titled The Massacre of Australian History, overland 163 also features surprising responses to Robert Mannes recently-released In Denial, which add new breadth to the Stolen Generations debate. Read more ...

  • Gangland's Mark Davis on Towards Cultural Renewal;
  • Bob Ellis's withering response to Michael Warby's biography of Ellis and its litany of errors;
  • a previously unpublished story by the seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Jolley, written after her stay at a Hitler youth camp in 1939;
  • Cassandra Pybus reviews the latest round of novels from some of the big boys of Australian letters: Carey, Moorhouse, Hall
  • and more!

Salt Publishing

Salt Publishing is an independent literary publisher with offices in Perth, Australia and Cambridge, England. It has a diverse and growing range of titles in poetry, fiction, literary criticism and drama.

Salt Publishing produces: SALT International Journal of Poetry and Poetics

Jacket # 14 - July 2001: is already underway and it is a co-production with SALT International Journal of Poetry and Poetics (Cambridge England). Preview it now!

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