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Featuring the new volume of the journal Aboriginal History, as well as news from Magabala Books.

Aboriginal History

The new volume of the journal Aboriginal History features a discussion of Aboriginal history in international context. Edited by Ann Curthoys and John Docker, volume 25 includes essays by some leading inter-disciplinary writers about genocide, colonialism, the Stolen Generations and Australian settler


Magabala Books is an Indigenous Australian publishing house committed to preserving, restoring and promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and tradition through literature.

See their site for latest releases:

  • Forciby Removed, an autobiography by Albert Holt;
  • The Man from Sunrise Side, an autobiography by Ambrose Chalarimeri, from the East Kimberley;
  • Crabbing at High Tide, a children's tale from Derby, by Paul Ishiguchi, illustrated by Carl Stahlmann;
  • and Nardika Learns to Make a Spear, written and illustated by Chris Fry.

Purchasing: Available through Magabala's web site.

P.O. Box 668, Broome, Western Australia.
Ph: 0891921991 Fax: 0891935254
International Ph: 61891921991 Fax:61891935254

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