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hard currency


Issue 1: October-November 2000

Featured these journals:

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HEAT 14 presented:

  • responses to Treblinka and Auschwitz by Inga Clendinnen, Andrea Goldsmith and Dorothy Porter,
  • essays on Montale and Messiaen by Kevin Hart and Fiona Sampson,
  • new fiction and poetry by Emma Lew, Luke Davies, MTC Cronin, Antoni Jach, Tony Macris, Kathleen Stewart and Matthew Karpin,
  • and two stories set in Vietnam by George Evans and Pham Thi Hoai.
In October 2000:
HEAT 15, featured:
  • new work by Helen Garner, Gillian Mears, Mandy Sayer, Christopher Cyrill, Evelyn Juers, Cassandra Pybus, Nicholas Jose, Judy Horacek, Antigone Kefala, and the Impac prize-winning novelist Herta Müller.
Latest issue: Music, its place in our dreams, memories and struggles, is the theme of the current Meanjin.At the heart of the issue are a sequence of musical reflections commissioned from Australian writers, including:
  • Merlinda Bobis, Anna Maria Dell'oso, ChrisChristopher Kelen, Dorothy Porter and Morris Lurie, who were asked to consider a musical moment of particular personal significance.
  • The intersection of words and music is explored at length, with Kathleen Mary Fallon in discussion with Maryanne Lynch about the musicality of language and the move from page to chamber opera stage; and Chris McAuliffe in discussion with Clinton Walker about writing and reporting on punk, pop and indigenous country.
  • Elizabeth McMahon considers music and dance in Christos Tsiolkas' Loaded;
  • Naomi Cass writes about Percy Grainger and the Grainger Museum;
  • and Lisa Meekison discusses music in contemporary Indigenous theatre.
  • Fiction and poetry contributors include Brian Castro, Nigel Featherstone, Dorothy Hewett and John Kinsella.
Forthcoming events:
  • Meanjin's60th year will be celebrated at the Melbourne Writers Festival, where writers including Natasha Cho, Mary Kalantzis, John Kinsella and Chris McAuliffe will discuss cultural cringe in a global age, a reconsideration of Arthur Phillips' "The Cultural Cringe", first published in Meanjinin 1950. Sunday August 27, 4pm, in the Bagging Room, CUB Malthouse. Bookings (03) 9685 5111.
  • Meanjinand the Victorian Writers' Centre are presenting a Fringe Festival event, "Camaraderie: Strange Bedfellows and (Un)Holy Alliances", on Tuesday October 10, 7pm, at La Mama. Ian McBryde, Jordie Albiston and PiO will explore themes of collaboration and friendship, followed by an open mike session. Details and registration from the Victorian Writers' Centre (03) 9415 1077.
For the latest, see Overland
overland 160 featured:
Siglo 12 presented:
  • An issue exploring dialogue - between people, cultures, art forms and epochs
    edited by Martin Ball and Cassandra Pybus, featuring:
    • Aboriginality in Tasmania by Jim Everett;
    • Martin Ball looking at The Keating Tangos;
    • The Dead Poet's Society by David Hansen;
    • poetry by Gary Catalano, Alice Rae, Sylvia Dropulich, Phyllis Perlstone, Adam Stokell and James Norcliffe
    • and art work by: Brigita Ozolins, Simon Cuthbert, Lionello Balestrieri, Jane Burton, Heather Swan, J. Dempsey, Michael Schlitz, Ian Bonde, Nguyen Minh Thanh, Masato Nakamaura, Lee Wen, Helga Groves, Michael Nelson, Jagamara, AH Xian and John Vella

The next issue of Siglo will focus on opera:

  • from Il Travatoreto soap opera,
  • from Mike Leigh's Topsy Turvyto IHOS opera's latest project,
  • and a study of some grand divas of past and present.
  • Siglo 13 also contains the three winning entries of the Siglocollaborations prize and a CD of Raffaele Marcellino's Don Juan.
Current issue:
  • The theme was Sport with:
    • Sara Coles on 'My Pidgeon will Sweat Itself to Death’:
      'Krankite was born into the ricecream isle of a Vegas supermarket. The first time I met him he was a stranger, a stranger standing in the backyard of Carnal St., sculling strawberry milk...'

    • Michael Doyle on 'A Crisis of Identity’:
      'Wogs: The Greeks, the Italians, the Serbs, the Croats, the Macedonians, the Maltese, the Turks, the Albanians. Those who have been uprooted. Those who are dislocated from their culture. Those who find solace in the world game’

    • Brad Haylock on 'I Spectate, Therefore I Am (Australian)’:
      'the sporting Australia of today is not embodied in the professional athlete, nor even in the weekend warrior... instead it is upheld by our passion for spectating... the experience that is afforded by the live-to-air helmet-cam, race-cam, wicket-cam, bat-cam, ball-cam, boot-cam, see-everything-there-is-to-see-from-every-angle-at-the-same-time-cam’

    • Michelle Williams interviews Friendly

    • Mischa Merz gives us a preview of her new novel, Bruising:a journey through gender, about her time as a female boxer.

The next issue of Voiceworksfocussed on Revolution:

  • Voiceworksis looking for poetry, fiction, literary non-fiction, opinion pieces, photography, illustrations, interviews and comics. The magazine is broken up into 2 sections: a theme section and a non-theme section. Work is still published even if it doesn't correspond to the theme.

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