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hard currency


Featuring the latest from Paper Bark Press and Vulgar Press, as well as what's new on Jacket and Overland, and the Book Sale at Cambridge University Press

Paper Bark Press

History: Paper Bark Press was founded in 1986 by award-winning poet Robert Adamson and photographer, Juno Gemes. Paper Bark Press has since established a reputation as one of Australia's most successful publishers of contemporary Australian poetry and photography.

Paper Bark Press publishes the best contemporary Australian poetry and photography in carefully crafted and designed books. Paper Bark Press also co-produces publications of poetry with Angus and Robertson. All Paper Bark Press publications are supported by the Literature Board of the Australia Council.

News: Paper Bark Press invites you to join them for The Australian - American Connection in Australian Poetry at The Sydney Writers Festival 2002 on Saturday 1st June at 5pm.

Paper Bark Press/Fine Arts Publishing is pleased to present a panel of distinguished poets, including:

  • Devin Johnston,
  • Robert Adamson,
  • Martin Harrison
  • and Geraldine McKenzie

These four poets have a strong connection with American poetry and it’s publication and influence in Australia . This fascinating subject will be presented in discussion and readings Chaired by Don Anderson, writer, critic, and Professor of American Literature at Sydney University.

Paperbark Press is delighted to announce the Australian release of Telepathy by Devin Johnson at the Sydney Writer's Festival, and to celebrate the Press's other recent poetry publications, Summer by Martin Harrison, Duty by Geraldine McKenzie and Mulberry Leaves by Robert Adamson. Read more ...


History: Vulgar enterprises was established in Melbourne in 1996 as a vehicle for radical, alternative and working class publishing, design and editing. Vulgar presently designs and typesets a number of books and magazines for alternative and non-profit companies and organizations.

Vulgar Press is pleased to announce the release of the latest book of poems by Geoff Goodfellow, Poems for a Dead Father.

Purchasing: Available from Vulgar's web site.


For the latest, see Jacket # 16

This bumper issue features:
ore debate on Working Class Poetry 

Samples from Angel Hair magazine and books edited by Lewis Warsh and Anne Waldman between 1966 and 1978:

  • A sampler of writing selected by Jacket editor John Tranter from the 630-page Granary Books anthology of material from the collection of Angel Hair magazine and books edited by Lewis Warsh and Anne Waldman between 1966 and 1978.

A Feature on Joe Brainard, 1942 – 1994:

  • Jacket's Hello Joe feature coincides with 'Joe Brainard: A Retrospective' curated by Constance Lewallen now on view at the Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley, California. Through 2001 and into 2002 the exhibition will travel to Boulder, Colorado, New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada. It includes approximately 150 collages, assemblages, paintings, drawings and magazine covers. Read on ...

an overland magazine feature with guest editor, Pam Brown:

And also, featuring a segment on New Zealand


For the latest, see Overland 166

more than a game

  • featuring Mischa Merz's overland lecture as well as articles on sport by Alex Buzo, John Kinsella, Angela Mitropoulos and Richard 'Pink Magpie' Watts.
  • Special Jacket feature Overland and Jacket have combined forces to produce a poetry insert in each magazine.
  • Also included is Marcia Langton's overland lecture 'Senses of Place', a powerful critique of the Australian left. 

Cambridge Press would like to let AHR readers know about their May book sale. The website link to download the catalogue is http://www.cambridge.edu.au/catalogue/maysale.pdf. The sale runs from now until 31st May and orders must be placed on the order form that accompanies the catalogue. Paperback titles are discounted by 50% and there is a selection of hardbacks that have been reduced to paperback price - some up to 75% off. Please contact Nadia Barmada if you require any further information: ph (03) 8671 1405, fax (03)9676 9955, or email nbarmada@cambridge.edu.au

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