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Featuring Jacket, Paperbark Press and Southerly


History: Jacket magazine publishes poetry, interviews, reviews, articles on photography and on the Internet in March, July and December. It was founded by John Tranter in 1997.

In Jacket # 12:
Poetry Criticism: What Is It For? is the transcript of a discussion moderated by poet Susan Wheeler in March 2000. The panel engaged critics Stephen Burt, Marjorie Perloff, Michael Scharf and Helen Vendler in a provocative discussion of poetry criticism today.

In Rattling the chains of free verse: The surprising survival of Language poetry and poetics Paul Quinn asks: " L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E equals what?"

Paul Blackburn feature:

  • Paul Blackburn - poem - Statement (1954)
  • Robert Creeley - Preface to «Against the Silences»
  • Laurie Duggan - "Mister P.B." - on Paul Blackburn
  • Allen Brafman - Paul Blackburn - A Few Words
  • Michael Heller - For Paul Blackburn
  • Martha King - Reading Paul Blackburn
  • Basil King - painting of Joan and Paul Blackburn
  • Jackson Mac Low - three poems for Paul Blackburn
  • Jerome Rothenberg - a note on Paul Blackburn
  • Jerome Rothenberg - four poems
  • Armand Schwerner - poem - letter to Paul Blackburn . . .
  • Carl Thayler - Remembering Paul Blackburn

Paperbark Press

History: Paper Bark Press was founded in 1986 by award-winning poet Robert Adamson and photographer, Juno Gemes. Paper Bark Press has since established a reputation as one of Australia's most successful publishers of contemporary Australian poetry and photography.

In 1990 The Clean Dark by Robert Adamson won The Kenneth Slessor Prize (N.S.W. Premier's Literary Award), The National Book Council Turnbull Fox Phillips Poetry Prize and The Victorian Premier's C.J. Dennis Award for Poetry.

Paper Bark Press publishes the best contemporary Australian poetry and photography in carefully crafted and designed books. Paper Bark Press also co-produces publications of poetry with Angus and Robertson. All Paper Bark Press publications are supported by the Literature Board of the Australia Council.

Contact: Junogemes.pbp@bigpond.com


The current issue of the literary journal Southerly (Volume 60, Number 3) is titled Travelling the Word and, according to Noel Rowe's editorial, revisits questions about what makes a piece of writing "Australian", and the relationship between the "reciprocated movement of word to place". This is investigated as a dialogue between the essays, fiction and poetry in the journal itself.

History: For sixty years Southerly has held a central place in the making of Australian literature. The work of Australia's finest writers have appeared in its pages, and been discussed in its critical essays and commentaries. The journal publishes a wide range of poetry, fiction and criticism from writers all over Australia and from New Zealand. Southerly also seeks out or commissions writing which has a special appeal, because of its innovative or challenging qualities, or because it helps to throw new light on current literary concerns.

For further information: see Southerly's home page

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