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Featuring the following Independent Presses:
Aberrant Genotype Press/Catchfire Press/Imprint/Magabala/Vulgar

Aberrant Genotype Press
Submissions: AGP welcomes submissions from "trenchant opponents of crypto-fascist neo-liberalism! Let's get rid of the:

  • poor-hating,
  • youth hating,
  • Indigenous-hating,
  • women-hating ...

Greatly Spurious Tax and all regressive policies redolent of the mid-nineteenth century"!

Purchasing: Available from AGP's web site. Prices are 50% lower for those who download an electronic copy in Acrobat format. (No credit card facilities but bank cheques are accepted.)

Catchfire Press
History: Catchfire Press is a non-profit organisation. It is small and, while not commercially oriented, fully professional in the best sense. The committee that runs it is made up of volunteers with skills and energy to spare. All profit made by the press is ploughed back into new production. Anyone who shares our vision can, on application and payment of a fee presently of $12, become a member of the press whose aim it is to promote literary endeavour in the Hunter Region and place the best of such endeavour before the world.

Purchasing: Available via mail.

History: Tom Thompson publishes the Imprint range of Australian classics including poetry, essays, literature and biography. The list includes many of the country's finest writers such as:

  • Gwen Harwood,
  • Judith Wright,
  • Mary Gilmore,
  • Charmian Clift,
  • Kenneth Slessor,
  • Lennie Lower
  • and Christina Stead.

Purchasing: Imprint Press publications are distributed by:
UNSW Sydney
NSW 2052
Tel:[02] 9664 0999
Fax: [02] 9664 5420
email: info.press@unsw.edu.au

History: Magabala Books is an Indigenous Australian publishing house committed to preserving, restoring and promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and tradition through literature.

Purchasing: Available through Magabala's web site. Credit card facilities available or cheques are also accepted.

P.O. Box 668, Broome, Western Australia.
Ph: 0891921991 Fax: 0891935254
International Ph: 61891921991 Fax:61891935254

History: Vulgar enterprises was established in Melbourne in 1996 as a vehicle for radical, alternative and working class publishing, design and editing. Vulgar presently designs and typesets a number of books and magazines for alternative and non-profit companies and organizations.

The two most recent conference procedings for the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL) were produced by Vulgar. See their web site for more info.

In 1999 the Vulgar Press was established, and has already published three books with several more in the production phase.

Submissions: Established in 1999, The Vulgar Press is dedicated to the publication of working-class and other radical forms of writing.

Purchasing: Available from Vulgar's web site. No credit card facilities but cheques are accepted.

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