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Australian Literary Studies

Editor: Leigh Dale

Call for Papers
Special Issue on Imposture, Hoaxes, and Identity Conflicts in Australian Literature

Edited by Marguerite Nolan and Carrie Dawson

In recent years there have been a number of high-profile cases of imposture or mistaken identity in Australian literature, including those involving Helen Darville/Demidenko and Leon Carmen/ Wanda Koolmatrie. Likewise, such prominent writers as Mudrooroo, Archie Weller, and Bobbi Sykes have had their claims to Aboriginality held up for scrutiny. The public exposure of these cases has caused significant and sustained anxiety in the publishing industry, the literary establishment and, the academy. The resulting literary debates bear directly on significant cultural and political issues in Australia, such as multiculturalism, indigenous cultural policy, and national identity, and have prompted a re-examination of earlier manifestations of mistaken identity involving such diverse figures as the Tichborne Claimant, Ern Malley, Nino Culotta, and B. Wongar. In an attempt to extend, evaluate, and coordinate scholarship on literary imposture, Australian Literary Studies invites essay submissions for a special issue on imposture, hoaxes, and related identity conflicts or crises in Australian literature. Essays considering any aspect of the social, historical, philosophical, political, or economic conditions and consequences of Australian literary imposture are welcome, as are essays that exceed the paradigm of Australian literature and consider literary imposture in a comparative context or a theoretical vein.

Electronic copies of manuscripts (not longer than 5,000 words) should be sent to Leigh Dale at L.Dale@uq.edu.au. Submissions should arrive by 30 January 2004 and should follow the MLA Handbook (2nd or 3rd edition) for matters of presentation, using parenthetical documentation and a list of Works Cited. However, single inverted commas are used for quotations. Contributions should be typescript (double-spaced) and footnotes should be numbered consecutively. The issue will be published in October 2004.

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