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Each of the buttons in the menu bar is a clickable image which will take you to a section of the journal:

  • current – for the current articles in each issue.
  • emuse -- for a moderated, interactive discussion of controversial topics, and letters to the editor in response to articles, updated regularly.
  • good oil -- an information supplement, updated regularly.
  • search -- to search for any particular reference.
  • browse --to search for a particular author or title.
  • ed-board -- for information about the editors and editorial board
  • archive -- the material from previous issues of AHR with restricted access.
  • copyright -- explains the permitted uses of the material published in AHR.
  • feedback -- email to the editor.
  • help -- helpful information.
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What is the editorial policy for AHR?

Editorial policy
Australian Humanities Review provides a forum for open intellectual debate across humanities disciplines, about all aspects of social, cultural and political life, primarily (but not exclusively) with reference to Australia. It aims to present new and challenging debates in the humanities to both an academic and a non-academic readership, both within and outside of Australia.

Australian Humanities Review welcomes contributions from scholars working in all disciplines of the humanities, including literary and film studies, cultural and media studies, gender studies, history, politics, philosophy, sociology and anthropology. Please note that we do not publish poetry or creative writing.

All articles are refereed by members of the editorial board, or by external referees when required.

Australian Humanities Review supports free speech and tries to avoid censorship. We are committed to the promotion of open intellectual debate in the context of high standards of scholarship. We regard such a practice as a basic means of expression and thus a basic right of diverse individuals and communities, and see our promotion of free speech as fundamental to the protection of intellectual and artistic expression.

Submission guidelines
Australian Humanities Review accepts unsolicited articles or research papers but ONLY in the form of 250-word abstracts or proposals. Please DO NOT send the full text of your article. If we wish to consider your proposal for publication we will invite you to submit the full text. Please note that an invitation to submit the full text for consideration does not mean that we will publish your work. Please also note that a decision not to publish may be based on editorial priorities and does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the work.

Please submit texts as Word or RTF documents. Our preferred format is Times New Roman, 12 point, single line spacing, left aligned. Headings should be in bold on a separate line, but otherwise the same as the main text. Long quotations should be indented. Leave a blank line between paragraphs and do not indent new paragraphs. It assists us if you keep other formatting to a minimum.

Please adopt the MLA Formatting and Style Guide, using in-text citations in brackets and a list of works cited. Use endnotes for complex citations or supplementary information where appropriate. A brief guide to MLA Format is available at: http://www.library.cornell.edu/newhelp/res_strategy/citing/mla.html . More detailed information is available at: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/02/ .

Please submit images etc. as separate files, indicating where they should appear in your text.

Australian Humanities Review is included on the DEST register of scholarly refereed journals, and on Ulrichs, the international register of scholarly journals.

Email submissions to: ahr@anu.edu.au

Monique Rooney & Russell Smith , 2008

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